Platinum Plastic Snap Gown - GW-004

  • Only plastic snap in the market that is engineered to withstand extraction press with 400 pounds of pressure per square inch
  • Plastic snaps at the shoulders incorporate the same snap action and durability as metal snaps
  • Innovative plastic snaps will not compromise an MRI image. Metal snaps create artifact on the MRI and make it more difficult to read. Plastic snaps are visible and clearly recognizable on X-ray images
  • Eliminates inventorying multiple gowns and allows the patient to remain in their IV gown during imaging studies
  • Generously oversized allowing the gown to overlap to ensure modesty
  • Large chest pocket with oversized access vent hidden behind the chest pocket for management of IV tubing and monitoring equipment
  • Back of fabric is brushed providing a soft feel next to patients’ skin
  • Length: 51”    • Weight: 4.5 oz.  • Sweep: 65 ½”
  •  Large chest pocket: 9 ¼” x 7”
  • Surfboard print with navy background
  • Navy Vat dye shoulder trim

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